Sunday, July 29, 2012

Using an Online Press Release to Support a Blog

Blogging, almost from the day it hit the internet, has been an important way to get visitors and visibility on search.  Today there are millions of blogs and because their content tends to be unique, current, relevant, and useful, Google pays attention.  (Not to say that the Panda bot isn't looking really hard at blogs who are nothing but spam).

Assuming you have a legitimate blog and you are looking to generate visitors, one way to help that process is with PR.  You can aim your PR at the entire blog, or you can try to generate more views of a specific post.

Last week I decided to start a series of posts called 101 Marketing Secrets from a Serial Entrepreneur.  Since I was going to be doing at least 101 posts about this subject, I really wanted to start getting a following.  That would mean I would need to get some backlinks for the campaign, but also get lots of views who might pass it along.   So while Twitter, FB, Google+ and YouTube will eventually all be part of the strategy, I knew I could get a few hundred folks to take a look using  I posted this headline Business Author Randy Kirk on 101 Marketing Secrets from a Serial Entrepraneur, and, sure enough, had 85 views within 10 hours (and counting).  

As I roll out the 101 Marketing Secrets, I could literally do 101 Press Releases, as each would have a different topic, thus headline.  Imagine how you might use a similar approach for an area of expertise that you might want to build your reputation around.  

Watch this spot for more ideas on the subject.  Send me your own thoughts in the comments or by email.  If you would like us to help you put together a similar campaign, call me at 310.910.1848.

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