Sunday, July 29, 2012

Using a 2012 Olympics or Other Major Event Tie-In for Online Press Release

Bumstead's Bicycles in Ontario California Was First Step to Olympics for BMX Champ Danny Calaug

When the stars align correctly, be sure to take full advantage.  Client Bumstead's Bicycles sponsored a community BMX racing team for several years.  One of their riders was destined for the top ranks of BMX racing, with national championships, sponsors, and branded frames in his future. 

Then, in a man bites dog story, Danny C ends up racing in the 2012 Olympics for the Philippine's team.  Bumsteads, who has already used their notoriety as the oldest bike shop in America for events and press, now had a chance to honor their friend and ex-team mate with a PR blitz. 

We created a video with Bumstead's Owner, Lloyd Bumstead, as spokesman, and a press release on  The video is embedded in the Press Release.  You can also enjoy the video below.

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