Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Prevent Bicycle Flats on

The #1 Way to Prevent Bicycle Flats
I generally put all my PR, like this one I did on how to stop bicycle flats, on  I have found that the free releases are excellent for generating high rankings for my clients, and getting hits.  You can spend 30-90 days and a bit or a lot of money creating a website, getting it all perfect, and launching it, only to find that you get a few visits per day and that your work has only just begun for ranking.

On the other hand you can create a PR article in 30 minutes, turn it loose and have 100 or more hits the first day.  Commonly you will also find excellent ranking under the keywords you target in the headline, summary, and first paragraph.

Depending on the subject matter, you may find that the article does great for a while and then slows down, or it might just continue to produce for months or years.  You can also promote your PR releases just like any other website by creating back links.

There are many other free PR services like, but my results have been outstanding there, where I've had so-so results on other sites.  By the way, the PR release on how to stop bike flats at is a really good release if you are having a problem with flats on your bike.

Have you used a different free PR service with great results?

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